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Great Camping Breakfast
Kielbasa Camp Dinner
Great Camping Breakfast

If you're planning a family camping trip this fall, include "eggs-in-a-bag" in your menu planning. Eggs-in-a-bag is a Girl Scout technique for preparing scrambled eggs exactly the way everyone likes them, without dirtying a skillet or even a plate. Start with quart-size, freezer-style, zip-top bags. Everyone takes a bag, and breaks as many eggs as he/she wants to eat. Next, squish the bag to "scramble" the eggs. Then, add any of the following: shredded cheese, chopped ham, mushrooms, green pepper, onion, crumbled bacon, or anything else that sounds good. Use a permanent marker to write your name on the bag.

Put the bags in a pot of boiling water for several minutes. Once or twice during cooking you may want to remove the bag and, using a cooking mitt, squish the ingredients to distribute the heat evenly. When eggs are the desired firmness, open the bag and enjoy. Of course, you can always transfer the eggs to a plate if you're willing to wash a dish.