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Father's Day Card/Poster

3 Different Colors of cardstock (or construction paper)
Pens or crayons
With one piece of cardstock, trace around Dad's right hand. Cut out around hand. Repeat with child's hand on another piece of cardstock.
On the top of the third page, PRINT :  Upon this page two hands you'll see, One's my Dad's, the other one is ME! 
Then glue on the Dad's hand, then the child's hand on top of the Dad's. Sign and Date the bottom.  This is a great thing to keep doing each Father's Day, and watching your child's hand grow! You can make this into a card, or into a poster and frame it.
If desired, the following poem may be written on the back:
My Dad's hands are strong
And they're big and their tough
But when I need help
They're gentle enough.
My Dad's hands can teach me
To work and to give
And by their example
I'll learn how to live.
Right now my hand's small
And learning good from bad
Some day I hope my hands
Will be just like my Dad's!