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Mail Time!!!



Obtain 1 white metal mailbox (plastic wouldn't paint well I don't think)
1 bottle acrylic purple paint
1 bottle acrylic lavender paint
1 bottle acrylic red paint
Elmer's glue or hot glue gun
1 can aerosol matte sealant
1 pkg of LARGE wiggle eyes

You just spray your white mailbox down with the matte sealant to make it a little rough. I suppose if you could find spray paint in the colors you wanted (purple/lavender) you could save some time by spray painting it. I just used the brush on acrylics. I used those foam paint brushes so it was smoother. Anyway, after the matte sealant dries, paint the body of mailbox purple (you might want to mix a little lavender in it to lighten it slightly). Paint his face (the lid) and the back side of it lavender. It will take several coats, so just be sure and let each coat dry thoroughly first. On the face of him, paint a plain, red smiley face. No frills, just a U shape. After mailbox is the desired color, and thoroughly dry, spray with matte sealant to seal him up. I put two coats of sealant on him. When that dries, glue his wiggle eyes on. That is it! Just be real sure to let him cure out for a few days before turning the kids lose on him. The paint chips or scratches easily until he "gels." Jared loves to put empty birthday card envelopes in and out of it and also parks his cars in there. He sits on our couch and watches tv like a family member. He is a lot of fun!