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Good morning everyone...!! Let me tell you, I shouldn't have stayed up so late last night, Peggy the officer! I am TIRED today! I have so many things that needs done and I am sooo doofus. I did get a shower before Rich went to bed, so that made me somewhat more alert. It is rainy here and dreary, which makes my lethargy even worse. I hope Jared takes a nice LONG nap today...generally he does when it is overcast and rainy. Well he has went four days in a row without peeing the bed at night. No diapers or pullups still! I am so pleased with him. This morning, I heard a KUTHUD and footsteps hustling down the hallway. I asked him what happen and he brought me to his room. It appears that his guardrail came loose and he fell in the floor! He said his butt hurt :-( I think he is gonna be ok though. All this and he didn't pee himself and went to the bathroom. I am not so sure I could hold my water if I fell out of bed abruptly! He's pretty good.
Last night I was feeding the baby and I went to burp her and she heaved all over me. It seems as though she spits up awful at night when I burp her.  At any rate, she got choked on it and it was up her little nose and I had to turn her upside down and pound on her back and chest. She still wasn't breathing really well so I had to go get the nose sucker and suction out her throat and nose. She is ok, but gosh, that scared me to death!   Babies get choked so easily, that is why I don't put them in their own rooms for such a long time. Jared nearly choked to death one night and would have if he hadn't been in the room with me. Anywho....hope everyone is having a good day. I will reply in a separate email.
****************FRUGAL TIP******************
I saw this one on the national evening news...if you require expensive prescriptions each month and do not have prescription insurance to cover it, consider purchasing your prescriptions from Canada. Go to: This is a Canadian pharmacy website that you can order almost any prescription from. In Canada, the government regulates how much drugs can sell for and cap off the prices. They are generally MUCH cheaper to purchase from Canada. The evening news indicated that it is, indeed, illegal to import prescriptions from other countries, but had announced that they would not arrest or prosecute Americans if they bought prescriptions from Canada. They only wanted people to understand that the drugs you receive from Canada are not regulated by the FDA and all that happy jazz.  Well, in my opinion, Canada isn't exactly a scarey country where I am going to worry if my prescriptions are any good or not. They were showing price comparisons on TV and you wouldn't believe the difference in price on some of these drugs! If you don't need this service, consider helping your older parents or grandparents get their drugs from Canada.  With Medicare not paying for prescriptions, it costs them so much money to just get what they need! Check it out, it is really a neat website.
2 8oz cartons of heavy whipping cream
1 tsp vanilla extract
3 packets Splenda sweetener
Pour all ingredients into a bowl and whip on high speed until peaks form. This is fabulous for diabetics or anyone just watching their sugar intake. Whipping cream has no sugar or carbohydrates. I used to use light Cool Whip but that is only reduced fat, not reduced sugar. This recipe is not low in fat, but has NO sugar. It is excellent to use in conjunction with the sugar free chocolate mousse recipe I sent in the other day (which, by the way, I made and it is DELICIOUS!)
Wife to Rich 12/22/91
SAHM to Jared Scott 03/12/99
SAHM to Klara Elizabeth 01/31/02
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